The Frequency of Aliens: available for preorder

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged about the latest news from the exciting world of novel writing, so my apologies if all of this comes as a shock but:

  1. There is a sequel to The Spaceship Next Door!
  2. The sequel is called The Frequency of Aliens!
  3. This is what the cover looks like!
  4. The Frequency of Aliens is available for preorder RIGHT NOW! Here are the links!

The Frequency of Aliens on Amazon

The Frequency of Aliens on iTunes

The Frequency of Aliens on Nook

The Frequency of Aliens on Kobo

The Frequency of Aliens on Google Play

The release date is 12/26. Much more to come in the weeks ahead, including details on the print edition and the audiobook version. And maybe a sneak peek…

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