The Frequency of Aliens: on sale now!

You can now own the ebook edition of The Frequency of Aliens, the long-awaited sequel to The Spaceship Next Door!

You will find all of the current purchasing options on the page for the new novel, which is here.

Here are some questions I’m going to pretend you have right now, along with some answers.

Q: Is this really the release date?

A: What a superb question! Yes and no. Unless you are a reviewer for NetGalley, this is the first opportunity anyone will have to read the electronic version of the new book. However, the print edition was released on 12/14, some twelve days early. This is because it takes a little while for print editions to show up in all the right places, and also in case any of those NetGalley reviewers felt like posting their reviews early. (You can’t post a review on a book that isn’t for sale yet, in some format.)

Incidentally, here’s what the cover for the print edition looks like:

Q: But what about audio?

A: By my count, roughly half of you are here because you’re fans of the audiobook edition of The Spaceship Next Door. Don’t worry, we’re working on it. Timing for audiobooks is even more of a challenge, because in addition to the time it takes to record and proof it, once the narrator has completed the whole thing and we’ve both signed off, Audible has to proof it as well before putting it on sale. You should expect to see (hear?) the audio version in January.

Here’s the audiobook cover, if you want to get excited:

Q: Is Steve Carlson reading the sequel?

A: Yes he is! He was just as excited as you are.

Q: How many times have you nearly referred to this book as “The Frequency Next Door”?

A: I’ve lost count. I nearly called it “A Frequency of Aliens” instead just to avoid this problem, but that title doesn’t actually make much sense.

Q: Did you discover one teeny tiny annoying little mistake that may only ever bother you, when proofing one of Steve’s chapters?

A: Yes.

Q: Are you going to tell us what it is?

A: Hahaha, no.

Q: Did you think of a way to get out of this Q&A format, or are you going to just stop abruptly?

A: I’m going to stop abruptly. Everyone go out and pick up your copy, and enjoy!

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  1. Cathy Brown on December 26, 2017 at 5:07 pm

    Got the print book as soon as was humanly possible. Love it and left a reply on Amazon. Waiting for the Audible and of course, I want another story with Annie. Readers always want “just another one”, if they love the characters…and we love Annie.

    • James Hubbell on January 1, 2018 at 12:10 pm

      Second this…and third, etc!

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