Tandemstar: The Madness of Kings on preorder!

We’re making all of the announcements here at once today, folks, because The Madness of Kings, the second book in Tandemstar: The Outcast Cycle, is officially available to preorder, and, it has a cover that you haven’t seen yet!

First off, here’s that cover!

Second, here are the links to preorder the book. (Ebook only. Print will be another week away.)

The Madness of Kings on Amazon

The Madness of Kings on Apple

The Madness of Kings on B&N

The Madness of Kings on Kobo

The Madness of Kings on Google Play

New to the series? You’ll find a breakdown on the Tandemstar page. There are also a number of blog posts available to help catch you up.

I recommend reading book one, Two Suns at Sunset before diving into The Madness of Kings.

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