The Pigeon Post: Immortal review

New Review

A new review posted yesterday for Immortal!  This one’s interesting; the reviewer raised questions I never thought to ask.  Actually, scratch that: I never thought of them as questions at all.

Read it here


Also, just a quick note: There is a second giveaway underway right now at GoodReads for one copy of the Immortal ARC, signed, plus a promotional T-shirt.  There are seven days left to try your luck.

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And finally

Seven days left before Immortal officially debuts.  No, I’m not getting any sleep at all.

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  1. Fathi on May 24, 2012 at 8:19 pm

    You would think that this would simply be cmomon sense for an author not to lash out at criticism. But it is nice that Goodreads is thoughtfully saving authors from themselves. Anyone that creates something and puts it up for public review should expect negative comments. Even if it is a piece of their soul that they poured much time and effort into, not taking it personally just goes with the territory.If an author doesn’t have some self-restraint and a relatively thick skin before entering the public arena, they have no one to blame but themselves if they snap and put their foot firmly in mouth then regret it later.

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