Amazon comes through

Against all conceivable odds, Amazon has successfully listed Immortal in time for its official release date, meaning it is available for ordering RIGHT NOW! Follow the link below to order your copy!

IMMORTAL on Amazon

Some details

The listing is imperfect, and because this is Amazon, changes are going to take a little while to appear.  For example, if you search for me by name you will see the book listing appears to include the editor and the cover artist as co-authors.  This will be fixed soon.  Likewise, none of the blurbs or back cover details made it into the listing.  Those will show up in a few days.

And of course “This book is temporarily out of stock” is a message we might see there for a little while, as Amazon has to formally order copies from the publisher, something they have not yet done.

However– and this is important– Amazon will be able to gauge how many books they need to keep on-hand by the volume of the early interest.

So go order ten copies.

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  1. raymondmasters on October 1, 2010 at 8:09 pm

    ‘Bout dang time!

    – Ray

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