Welcome to the 2011 Immortal blog tour!

An introduction from Adam

Hello.  I’m Adam, the narrator of Immortal, and I’ve been asked by Gene to write an introduction to his “blog tour”, because apparently the writer is too busy drinking, which is what I am usually doing while he’s writing.

I’m sure the irony is intentional on his part.

A few weeks back Gene contacted me through the usual channels (all right, he called me, but that doesn’t sound half as mysterious, does it?) and told me he was embarking on a blog tour to promote Immortal.

“What,” I asked, “is a blog tour?”

He said, “a different blog will feature something about the novel every day of the month of April.  It should be fun!”

“No,” I said, “I understand the concept of a tour.  It’s the first word I’m having trouble with.”

I could recall a word that sounds very much like “blog” from a long-dead Scandinavian tongue, roughly meaning “phlegm”.  I thought that couldn’t have been what he meant but I wasn’t positive, as Gene has been known to get excited about some fairly prosaic things.

It was explained to me that the word is short for “weblog”, which while also meaning nothing to me at least had elements I could parse, such as “web” and “log”.

Note: only a few years ago I thought all the talk about websites had to do with spider infestations, which were evidently rampant.  I wish you would all just invent new words instead of mashing together old ones like this.

So I could grasp the basic notion of a weblog, even if I couldn’t quite fathom why one would drop the W and the E like that.  (Why those letters?  Why not an eblog?  Or a webl?  Did someone just confuse web-log with we-blog and it went from there?)

I digress.

And then came the interviews

What I didn’t realize when Gene was notifying me of this blog tour was that I was going to be involved in some way.  There is this introduction, of course, but there will also be a number of interviews with me, as an entire book of my thoughts is apparently insufficient.  Expect interviews with Gene as well, at least one interview with both of us, and if I’m remembering this correctly one particularly uncomfortable situation in which I interviewed Gene.

It was not my idea, and I take no responsibility for it.

There will also be reviews, which I will not read.  I don’t want any of the splendid people writing those reviews to take that personally, it’s just that I learned a very long time ago that criticism should only be tolerated if there’s a possibility of sex on the other end of it.  Otherwise, it should be avoided altogether.  However I expect Gene will read them avidly.

Sprinkled amidst the interviews and the reviews will be a smattering of excerpts from Immortal, and if all goes well Gene will be sharing a standalone chapter from his next book, Hellenic Immortal.  That’s provided he has written it yet, which I personally doubt.

And so it begins

Stop by this blog each day to find a link to the day’s featured blog entry.  Or if you wish to save time, you can visit the Blog Tour Page and… bookmark?  Is that the word?  Yes, Gene is nodding.  Bookmark the page.  Updated links will go live there daily as well.

Now I have to go tend to an aggravated pixie.  Enjoy the tour.

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  1. Dan Walters on April 1, 2011 at 9:25 pm

    Very cool book a little short but a must read.

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