Social networking, the sequel

More places to find me

I have expanded the places in which you can find my random mutterings, musings and meanderings.  I had no solid reason for doing this aside from the boredom that comes with waiting for a book release and a dearth of new things to write.  (I am researching for the third Immortal book right now. Nobody panic.)  (Okay, panic a little. I have no idea what the plot for it is yet.)

If you’re a long-time follower of this blog you already know you can find me on Twitter and Facebook and GoodReads.  This is all still true, and coming soon there will be an author page on Facebook and a bio page on the publisher’s page.

And now there is Tumblr

I cannot explain to you in any adequate way what Tumblr is, because for whatever reason when one tries to do so one ends up with an explanation that makes it sound like a stupid thing.  It is not a stupid thing.  it just defies explanation.

Here’s a try: take a hosted blogging site like this one (i.e., WordPress), throw in the streaming immediacy of Twitter, add gifs and photos (and porn) and… well, almost.

Anyway.  I exist as a Tumblr blogger in three places:

The Incredibly Unnecessary Gene Doucette Tumblr

The Urban Cyclist

Very Fake Headlines

Additionally, Adam the immortal has his own Tumblr.  It’s not much in use right now– it will be used for quotations and words of wisdom– but will pick up once we’re closer to the publishing dates of his two books.

Words of Wisdom from Adam the Immortal

Feel free to read or not, share or not share, follow or not follow.  Tumblr doesn’t actually record page hits– popularity is measured by “likes” and “reblogging”– so I won’t know unless you also feel like joining Tumblr.  Which I recommend.  Especially if you have a lot of free time you’re looking to get rid of.

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