FIXER Blog Tour: The NY Journal of Books review, and Sherry Gomes

Two more reviews today

The blog tour rolls along with two new Fixer reviews.

From reviewer John M Wills:

Throughout Fixer, the author interjects enough science to make the tale plausible. Additionally, Mr. Doucette adds just the right amount of suspense, mystery, and violence to keep the reader on edge.

Full Review

From reviewer Sherry Gomes:

What I loved about this book was the character of Corrigan. In a world of mostly cookie cutter heroes, Corrigan is unique and fun to read. He’s not perfect. He isn’t smooth and suave. He seems like a guy who could be that new neighbor who just moved in next door, and I like him more than I’ve liked a male lead in a book in a long time.

Full Review

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