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Immortal_Cover58Have you ever walked into a bookstore, looked around, and said to yourself, “Why aren’t any of the novels by my favorite author, the incredibly handsome Gene Doucette, for sale in this establishment?”

Of course you have!

Fixer_Hi-Res_CoverWell now you can walk right up to the nearest employee and tell them to correct this, because as of now all three of my novels– ImmortalHellenic Immortal and Fixer, in case you have forgotten the names of the novels written by your favorite author–are being distributed by Ingram.

I won’t get into the incredibly arcane and complex relationship between publishers and distributors here, but I will say that this is kind of a big deal.Hellenic_Immortal20

So run on down to those bookstores and make some noise!

Sapphire Blue is coming

I have finished the copy edit–this would be round two of the editing process–for Sapphire Blue which means the advance review copy of the book should be available in the next two or three weeks.  This is either awesome or utterly terrifying.  I haven’t decided yet.SB32

Immortal at the Edge of the World

If you have been following my author page on Facebook you know that I crossed the 80,000 word barrier on the first draft a few days ago.  I am hoping to have the draft finished in the next ten days.  It is an unequivocal hot mess right now, so don’t get too excited.  And no you can’t see it.

I think by the time it’s done it will crest 100,000 words.  Just for comparison, the first two books checked in at around 95,000 and 85,000.   (For the completists out there, Fixer was longer than either of them, at about 103,000, and Sapphire Blue is somewhere in the neighborhood of 83,000.)  I’d give you guys page counts, but page count is largely meaningless nowadays with e-books so…

Anyway!  Progress is being made.  Hopefully, I can find an ending I’m happy with…

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