Texas Book Festival 2013

Returning to Austin

tbf_logo_brownI will be returning to Austin this year for the annual Texas Book Festival!  You may recall last year’s trip, in which I learned exciting things like how to pronounce Chuy’sthe difference between fiction and non-fictionand how to survive a hurricane in a hotel nowhere near the hurricane.  This year I am hoping things go more smoothly, and by that I mean I hope there are no hurricanes, because everything else was great.


I will be in Austin from October 25-28.

On Friday, 10/25, I will be at The Book Spot at 1205 Round Rock Ave #119, Round Rock, Texas, 78681 from 5:30 – 7:00 PM for a combination book signing and meet-and-greet cocktail party.  This is an event put together by the publisher and will include other writers, so even if you don’t want to meet me, maybe you want to meet one of them!  (They’re very nice.)

gI_75418_PH_logo_blackOn Saturday, 10/26, I’ll be hanging out at the Texas Book Festival all day. The Writer’s Coffee Shop has two booth spaces rented.  You will find us in exhibitor tent #4, spaces 420 and 421.  We need this much space because we are awesome.

I will be sitting and signing books from 11:30 – Noon, but if you aren’t there at that time there’s a tremendously good chance I’ll be around the table all day, because TWCS is my ride.

On Sunday, 10/27, same as above, but my book signing time will be from 3:30 – 4:00 PM.

On Monday, 10/28, I’ll be flying home.  I don’t have any formal IMG_0404appearances scheduled unless you are an airplane or a hurricane.

Note: all times listed above are Austin time, i.e. Central Standard Time, because the earth is round.

So come see me!

Come down to Austin at the end of October and say hello, won’t you?  We can talk about writing, I can sign some books for you–my own or not, it’s your call–and we can have some drinks together, and laugh, and laugh, and laugh some more.  It’ll be fun!

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  1. Tao Joannes on October 9, 2013 at 9:51 pm

    That’s fairly awesome, I’m relocating nearby around that time and will make every effort to stop by and shake hands!

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