SURVIVING HECTOR: a short story

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If you absorb your books via Amazon Kindle, and you like what I write, you’re in luck!  It turns out I went and wrote a short story recently, and it’s available right this very moment!

It’s called Surviving Hector and it’s based on a screenplay I wrote a few years back by the same name.  (I am really fond of the name.)

How do you get it?  You click on this link here: Surviving Hector and buy it, and then it will download to your Kindle and yay, then you own it.  You can also look it up on your Kindle directly, I hear.


This is my first effort at self-publishing my fiction.  As you all know (or should) my third Immortal  novel, Immortal at the Edge of the Worldis going to be here in October, and it will be released by my current publisher.  After that, it’s likely I will be self-publishing my novels, provided I can prove to myself that it’s a viable option.  This short story (and the next one I’m planning, which will be by G Doucette) is me sticking my toes in the pool to see what the water temperature is.

I am hoping the water is comfortable.

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I have created (and in one instance re-activated) multiple Twitter accounts in order to drive interest in my work and raise my Internet profile a little bit.  If you are on Twitter and would like to help, follow and share these accounts with me…

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