Yuletide and Himeros and Goodreads

Yuletide Immortal on GoodreadsGeneDoucette_YuletideImmortal1400

I’ve added the newest Immortal Chronicles short to Goodreads and updated the the Immortal Books page here.  Yuletide comes out on December second, and can be ordered right now, so get on over to Amazon and do that!

As a contributor to the Cult of the Immortal pointed out the other day, this short would make a great Christmas gift.  All you need is the recipient’s email and you can gift an ebook to anybody you want to.  This is a good idea.

Club Himeros on GoodreadsGeneDoucette_ClubHimeros_1400

I have also added Club Himeros to Goodreads.  This erotic short can be purchased right now, so you should go do that too.

A couple of things are coming up in the near future regarding my erotica “imprint” persona.  G Doucette is starting his own Tumblr (NSFW), and a new blog page will be following.  There’s a much bigger announcement coming up, involving a re-release and a re-branding.  I’ll let you know when more is official.

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