First Folio: Pirates, Succubi and Madmen

Cover reveal

It was time for an anthology.  I’ve been putting out novellas for Adam for a few months now, but only on the Kindle.  This meant I had nothing for the people out there reading about everyone’s favorite immortal man in print… or on the Nook or iBooks.

I want to fix one of those problems, which is why the first three books in The Immortal Chronicles have a second life in First Folio: Pirates, Succubi and Madmen.

But first, I had to get a cover.  And it’s a gorgeous cover.  I’m serious.




So, funny thing.  The print edition of First Folio is already available.

This was unplanned.  As you may know, I’ve never actually self-published a print book before.  Lots of ebooks, sure, but this is the first time I’ve used Createspace to release in print.

Createspace is a very, very easy site to use.  It’s just… let’s say it’s missing something along the lines of “if you hit this button now, the book will be available.  There is literally no point at which we will be asking you when your release date is.  It’s just going to be out there.  Now.  Right now.  Go ahead and push it.”

I pushed it.

I’m going to be making the ebook version of First Folio available for preordering starting next week, with a release date in January, 2015.  But as of right now, the print edition is available to buy.

Staggering the release of editions is actually called windowing, and I would love to say I was doing it on purpose, but I’m not nearly that clever.  I am, in fact, the opposite of clever.

Having said that, you have plenty of time to pick up copies of First Folio to give as Christmas gifts!  Yaaay!

You can buy First Folio from Amazon right here.

You can buy First Folio directly from Createspace here.

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