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Well, folks, we’re finally here! Immortal Stories: Eve is now available in audiobook, which also means that until I write a new book I have nothing left to convert.

A little more than a year ago, when The Spaceship Next Door took off (haha) I decided the first thing I wanted to do was bury some of what that book earned in getting a proper audiobook for it.

TSND‘s audio went on sale around the same time the re-release of four of my novels (the first three Immortal novels, and Fixer) happened, after the publisher returned the rights to me. So then came the scramble to use the funds earned from Spaceship to pay for audiobooks for those novels, plus the new Immortal novel that came out in December, and for a while it started to look like I was writing at a faster pace than I could release audio editions, because soon Unfiction was ready to be published and we hadn’t even taken care of the novellas yet.

But now we are here, at great expense and after a lot of time and effort from narrators Steve Carlson and Brad Wills.

I guess this means I should write some more stuff.

Here’s the lovely cover for Immortal Stories: Eve.

Here are the links:




Also, when it came time to do the audio for Eve, I decided it was a damn shame it was the only thing here that wasn’t available in print form, so I remedied that. You can pick up a copy of it in print from Amazon, from Createspace, and from Barnes & Noble.

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  1. Cathy Brown on August 5, 2017 at 11:14 am

    I love all your books….I don’t know which one I want you to “get busy writing ” another story ab out. I’m glad your working on “Annie”…but don’t forget a favorite ‘Immortal”.
    I really want another book about both of them….and “Fixer” was fantastic.
    Thanks for the stories

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