Tandemstar: World Map

I have learned, over the years, that I’m not the most visual of people. When presented with a list of numbers (an Excel sheet, say) and a graph of those same numbers, I learn more from the list than from the graph. Worse, when presented with only the graph, I generally need someone to either explain what I’m looking at or provide the numbers informing the graph. Or I won’t get it.

I’m telling you this to explain that I did not know I needed a map of the planet Dib (or Dibble, depending on which part of the planet you’re from), because when I described the various continents, oceans, mountain ranges, steppes, and so on, I could “see” it all in my head just fine.

However—and this is just one more benefit of the Patreon site where I’ve been building out the world—I have Patrons to say hey, maybe a map?

And so, a map you shall have! This world map was designed by Cat Scully, a fellow author whose book happened to launch the day before the map was finalized. I met Cat at Boskone, back when meeting people face-to-face was a thing we could do.

Here’s the color version. A black-and-white one will appear in the book itself.

Reminder: Two Suns at Sunset, book one of Tandemstar: The Outcast Cycle, is available for preorder right now!

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