Fixer Redux release day!

Today’s the day! Run on down to your neighborhood ebook retailer and pick up a copy of Fixer Redux! Be the first kid on your block to know what happens next with Corrigan Bain, the man who can (kind of) see the future!

Check out the Fixer Redux page for more.

What you can expect

The first Fixer book is a fun mix of thriller, contemporary sci-fi, and horror. The middle part, in particular, was where I satisfied my inner Stephen King.

Book two is more of the same, although it’s fair to say I leaned in on the thriller aspect and pulled back on the horror. It’s non-stop action. I can’t wait to see the reviews for it.

A funny thing happened on the way to print

The print edition on Amazon may be a day late on appearing. I’ve been going back and forth with them for a couple of days, because they don’t like how the title runs off the cover like that. I’ve pointed out several times now (in a long conversation featuring my hanging up on them and them actually calling me back) that the text is supposed to do that. Repeating “a part of the R might be cut off” doesn’t adequately address the point that it’s intentional.

Also, Fixer has the same effect.

The cover artist provided a version that doesn’t run off the sides, and this will probably be the print edition everyone gets, unless you’re ordering from Barnes & Noble, who had no problem with it. Mostly, I’m just annoyed.

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  1. 337 on May 3, 2019 at 5:01 pm

    I’m currently listening to the audiobook of the original FIXER again, getting reminded of it all before an audiobook of REDUX comes out!

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