Fixer Redux is coming soon

A sequel is coming! It’s Fixer Redux, a follow-up to my 2013(!) novel, Fixer! Here are the details, first, and then I’ll come back with more.

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I wrote about one of the challenges of sequels, in When Writing A Sequel Feels Like Fan Fiction. I was working on Immortal From Hell when I wrote that, but if anything, it’s more applicable to Fixer Redux.

The 2013 date is for the first edition of the book. A second edition was published in 2016, which is the date listed online. Neither of those reflect how long it’s been since wrote something for Corrigan Bain.

The first draft of Fixer was finished in 2005. It came after I’d already written Immortal and Hellenic Immortal (in 2003 and 2004) and before I stepped away from novel writing entirely, to work on screenwriting (from 2006 to 2010.)

To say that I’m a different writer than I was in 2005 is an understatement.

That’s still not the complete story. Unlike most of my recent novels, in which I can tell you exactly how long it took to write them (for instance, I started writing The Spaceship Next Door in June of 2015 and finished it in November of the same year,) work on Fixer Redux began sometime in 2014 or 2015, stopped, and then started again in January of 2019.

Why? I’m not sure. It’s possible I wasn’t the writer I needed to be, yet, to finish it, and now I am. Or, I got stuck, and jumped onto a different project. (If it was 2015, this would make a lot of sense.) Or something else.

Whatever the reason, there were 40,000 written words waiting for me when I got back to it, which is why there’s now a 100,000 word novel (nearly) ready for you, only two months after I announced the project.

Release date

I’ve set this at a generous release date, by which I mean generous to me. That date is April 16th, which is six weeks from now. It will probably take less time to finish the last edit and prep the print edition and so on, so I might move it up. I’ll let you know.

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