Regency Immortal is here!

Book Five in the Immortal ChroniclesGeneDoucette_RegencyImmortal1400

The long awaited fifth book in The Immortal Chronicles is now available!  Regency Immortal is a little bit of romance, a lot of Adam, and a decent serving of political intrigue and espionage.  Adam’s in Vienna at a particularly important historical time, along with a beautiful young woman named Anna and a killer who wants to disrupt the Congress.

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In other news

I’m working on a new Immortal novel, a separate series called M Pallas that I’m still trying to get traction on, and in another month I’ll start work on book six in the Chronicles, but the hot hand at the moment is with Fixer Redux.  It’s the most fleshed-out storyline I have, so it’s probably where I’ll be focusing right now.  You guys are cool with another Fixer book, right?

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