IMMORTAL on iBooks

EBook empire expands

I was greeted this new year by the discovery that Immortal is officially available directly from iBooks.  Or rather “…directly from iBooks!!!” because that IS exciting news.  (Forgive me; I’m fighting the flu right now.  The plus side is, I can manage deadpan humor without trying AT ALL, but the downside is I may die soon.)

I discovered the availability after checking out my own name in the iBooks application on my cell phone, as one does, and getting a result.  I even peeked at a free sample, and let me just say that it looks great.  It really does.  Speaking as the person who formatted the thing, I didn’t expect it to turn out as well as it did.

Since iBooks is an app-based program there is no Internet destination one can visit to purchase it, but you can look at the teaser page for the iBook listing here.

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