Year of IMMORTAL: Reviews, arguments, discussions

We’re recapping the first year in the life of Immortal.  If you’re not reading this blog, hopefully it’s because you’re busy reading Immortal instead.

Is Adam an asshole?

The winter brought more readers and more reviews, and lots of more interesting questions.  Two question in particular resulted in my favorite blog post title, by far: Mary Sues and assholes.  Author Spencer Seidel also checked in with a nice review, as did Associated Content and Night Owl Paranormal.

Christmas also brought a celebration of the new year and an opportunity for readers to order their own signed copies.  (An offer that is still valid.)

An interesting series of discussions

In January, writer Jacqueline Lichtenberg weighed in with one of the more interesting discourses on Immortal.  Jacqueline had gotten a review copy of the book prior to publication in anticipation of a possible blurb.  What she saw when she read it was an opportunity to use the narrative approach I took– I broke some rules, let’s just say– as a teaching exercise.  

The results (mind you, she liked the book) began here, continued a week later when my response was posted here and picked up again three months later in response to some of the criticisms posted in the comments section of the first two posts, here.

Adam’s first interview

While all of that was happening my main character, Adam, who may or may not be an asshole, gave his first interview.  It was a great chance for him to be sober, which became important in April when we went on our first Blog Tour.

Next: A Blog Tour!!!!

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