FIXER blog tour: guest blog for Sarah Aisling

Today’s stop

For this leg of the tour stop by the review website of Sarah Aisling where I talk about the science of Fixer.  

The complexity of the book itself, along with the invented theories, invites the usual questions like: how did you come up with this?  Or perhaps why did you come up with this, as it makes my head hurt?  Well, I didn’t set out to do that.  It just sort of happened.

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Fixer press releaseFixer small blog tour button jpeg

Also today, you can take a look at the press release for Fixer put out by The Writer’s Coffee Shop.

A skillful and arresting amalgam of sci-fi, horror, mystery, and romance that early reviewers are heralding as a “must-read,” Fixer defies the traditional conventions of genre fare.

Full Press Release

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