Two reviews show the contrast

Here are two reviews that offer an excellent contrast in reactions I’ve seen so far to Sapphire Blue.

The first is a scheduled stop for today’s tour, from Sarah Aisling, who knows me from my other work:

This is where things become difficult for me as a reviewer. I can’t fault Mr. Doucette’s writing; it’s flawless, intriguing, and descriptive. The direction this story took became unsettling, and I found myself peeking through my fingers—something I’d rather not do when reading erotica. Honestly, I’m not really sure what genre Sapphire Blue truly fits into.

You can read the whole review here. Sarah is complimentary about my writing while not all that happy with what I decided to write about this time around.  (She was much happier with Fixer)  I get that.  It’s an extreme kind of story.

Compare that to this reaction from GoodReads reviewer MissyDevoursDelishReads:

What a mindf*ck, my jaw is still dropped! Sapphire Blue by author G. Doucette will either make you run away screaming in terror, or have you spellbound, it all depends upon your erotica intensity level. While I’m still half running/ craving more, this archeological erotica will have your mind and body buzzing with wth moments.

Her entire review is here.

Missy had much the same reaction as Sarah, but rather enjoyed the experience.  Will you?  I hope so.


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