Merry Christmas and welcome new readers

Happy Holidays and all that

Greetings from me on Christmas Day!  I wanted to take a quick minute to wave to everyone who just got a Kindle for Christmas and are looking up my books, because you guys are awesome and I love you.

Also, if you’re trying to figure out where to start reading, you will find a handy guide to the Immortal books and their order here.  

Two things not included in that guide:GeneDoucette_YuletideImmortal1400

Yuletide Immortal, which is the fourth book in the Immortal Chronicles.  It is holiday-themed, but that doesn’t mean you have to read it NOW, just that Santa is in it somewhere.  Yes, really, it has Santa.  As with all the Chronicles, if you read it first you’re totally okay.

First Folio: Pirates, Succubi and Madmen is a new anthology containing the first three books in The Immortal Chronicles along with an introduction from Adam.  The ebook edition is available as a pre-order and will release on January 6. GeneDoucette_FirstFolio1400 Unlike the other books in the Chronicles series, this book is also available in print, and you can buy a copy of that right now.

Sapphire Blue

Some of you might have come here looking for Sapphire Blue, which is an erotic novel penned by G Doucette.  Which is me.  But, as G Doucette.  Please be patient, and keep interested.  You will be able to read it in early 2015.  It’s going to be rolled out in six serial installments on the kindle, leading to a novel-length release in the summer.  More information about the release will be available on the G Doucette Tumblr, so do follow me (him) there.

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