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I took the day to finish a new draft of Regency Immortalbecause I’m unreasonably paranoid about these things, by which I mean “putting a book up for pre-sale before I have finished it.”

My current approach is to not do this–post a listing on Amazon, I mean–until I have made it to the end of the first draft.  Before then I don’t even know what my ending is going to look like, most times (I don’t outline) or how long the story is, or whether I’m going to like either of those things.

I did wait, but by the time I got to the end I realized the story I wanted to tell was going to have to be a little different in the middle–because romance!–and the story was going to end very much with a “to be continued” sort of vibe.

Sorry, spoilers!th


Having finished that new draft, I added Regency Immortal to GoodReads, so if you’re a part of GoodReads, take a second to add it to your shelf.


I’ve also started a new Thunderclap campaign for the release.  I thought this went very well for Yuletide Immortal so I figured why not try it again?  As always, a Thunderclap only works if people just like you help me out, so if you can, follow this link and add your social network of choice to the campaign.

While you’re there, if you could also help out with this campaign, a guy named Damian Jericho will be very grateful.


Book six of The Immortal Chronicles is still a long way away.  I need to put more work in on the unnamed novel #4 for Adam (perhaps the start of a new trilogy… perhaps…) but I can tell you already what the name of that sixth book is going to be called: Eve.

I know…th

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