Immortal Series Order: Mandatory and Optional Reading

Ahead of the release of the sixth (and perhaps final) book of the Immortal Series (Immortal: Last Call, coming out Jan 7, 2020), it’s time for one last review of what to read first, and in what order.

This time, I’m breaking up the list between mandatory and optional additional reading, for reasons that will make sense as we go.






Required reading

To begin with, a fair argument can be made that the six books that make up the Immortal Novel Series is actually two trilogies, with the first being ImmortalHellenic Immortal, and Immortal at the Edge of the World.













These three novels are now also available in a collection.







Before getting to the second novel trilogy, right around here would be a good time to read Immortal Stories: Eve, which at this point really is mandatory for understanding Immortal: Last Call.








Here’s the second trilogy: Immortal and the Island of Impossible Things, Immortal from Hell, and Immortal: Last Call.

Optional Reading

The five novellas that make up The Immortal Chronicles are all considered optional here, because none of the stories directly impact the events in the novels. They do, however, feature various beings referred to in the novels, and they color in the details in Adam’s past.

The novellas are: Immortal at Sea, Hard-Boiled Immortal, Immortal and the Madman, Yuletide Immortal, and Regency Immortal.





















These books are also available in a single volume collection.




Finally, there’s the Fixer books.

These aren’t a part of the Immortal series. Technically, they aren’t even in the same genre. But ever since Adam the immortal ran into a man named John Corrigan in Immortal and the Madman, the possibility of Corrigan Bain making an appearance in the Immortal books has been out there. In Immortal: Last Call, Corrigan makes that appearance.

It is not in any way necessary to read these books before picking up Immortal: Last Call. However, if you’re interested in learning more about Corrigan Bain,  then Fixer and Fixer Redux is where you’ll find him.





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